New Build News

昨日 iRacing new build info… で紹介した Tony Gardner社長が語ったとされる新ビルド情報について、インタビューから書き起こされたスクリプトとまとめをKenさんが提供してくださいました。ありがとうございます! 以下でご紹介します。
*情報提供してくださったKenさんのブログはこちら: God, It`s Killing me

April build

  • 表彰システムに74のアワードを追加
  • 全ての車へダメージリペアを搭載
  • 新型Nationwideマシンのリリース
  • ティーザーリリースとして、新タイヤモデルを新型Nationwideと、おそらくロードカーの1台にも搭載
  • 岡山国際サーキットのリリース
  • Skip Barberのグラフィックを新しく
  • 今ビルドよりシムにアニメーション、まずはドライバーアームやステアリングホイールといったものから追加していく。4月ビルドではSkip Barberにアニメーションするドライバーアームを搭載したい。将来的にはフルアニメーションするピットクルーを追加したい。
  • 新しいテレメトリーツール
  • ホストセッション機能の充実(一年間のホストスケジュール機能、複数のセッション選択が可能(選択肢の増加?)、2,4,6時間のホストセッションなど)
  • 他にもたくさん

July build

  • 新タイヤモデルの正式なローンチ
  • ヒートレーシング
  • ドライバーエイドをホストセッションと特定のシリーズに追加
  • 大きなエアロの変更(これによりOvalのHigh Lineでの走りが良くなるとのこと)
  • 鈴鹿、アイオワ、Ford GT、LMP2マシン
  • ヘッドライト
  • 他にもたくさん



In April we have an awards system coming out, where you’ll earn 74 different awards at this point. We’ll have the damage repair completed for every car. We’re going to do a teaser release for the new tire model. That looks like it’s going to go. We’re going to roll it out for the Nationwide car and probably a road car as well. The new Nationwide car will be in the build, if you own the existing Nationwide car you will get that for free. We’re going to roll out the Okayama track in Japan, we’re going to give that away to everyone for free. New graphics for Skip Barber car, we’ll start some animation in the sim in this build. New telemetry tools coming out, the list goes on and on. There’s a hundred small things in this build, a lot to do with hosted racing. You can schedule hosted racing a year in advanced. You can pick different sessions for hosted racing or private league racing, two hours sessions, four hour session, six hour sessions, a bunch of things like that.

The July build is the real big one though with the new tire model launching, heat racing. We’re going to roll out some driver aids for hosted sessions and certain series. Major aero changes, these drivers will be able to drive the high line so much better. So we’re real excited about that, obviously really excited about the tire model. The Suzuka track, Iowa, the Ford GT car, LMPT2 car coming out in that build. The list goes on and on, there is a lot coming out this summer.

It’s funny, you get things 80 or 90% done and they don’t make it into a build and then everything piles up and makes it into one build. Headlights will be coming in the July build so you will be able to drive on road courses using headlights and reflectors which is really neat. Just a big long list of things coming out. We’re really excited, I think this is the biggest time in our history for sure.

(You mentioned some of the animations, what kind of animations are we looking at here?) We would like to get fully animated pit crews but we are going to start with driver arms and wheels and things like that. It’s a lot of work but the point is we are moving down that path. In this coming April build we are hoping to have driver arms in the Skippy car. We did that whole car over with all new graphics and it will include some driver arms, out of car you will see that. Animated pit crews and things like that, those are the things we hope to have down that road, it’s a start in that whole process.